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BJAEC - The Hive 7/15/17

Brilliant Juniors Academic Enhancement Center is a fantastic school in the Philippines aiming to bring out the best of the best in each child. They want to give all children regardless of their state of being an equal chance to share their uniqueness and talents. BJAEC needed a website redesign as well as modernization.

YG - The Hive 4/20/17

Yraida Guanipa Institute, Inc., was formed to re-establish, protect and nurture the parent/child bond, bonds of caring, feeling, trust and love for each other after long years of separation due to incarceration which affects disadvantaged people. YG was in need of a website redesign.

FRRC - The Hive 3/10/17

The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition was in dire need of having a website in time for the next election.

Site Redesign - 3/9/17

There comes a time in every young website’s life that it needs to go through certain changes, both inside and out. Beelieve Tech is in its infancy and this probably won’t be the last site redesign we do, but having a redesign this soon shows something, it shows that we are hard at work learning and perfecting our craft.

Beelieve Tech was founded out of a quest for experience and knowledge. I’m not going to lie, running a business with nothing but a digital media degree is difficult, but we are questing away. We are putting in the hours, conquering obstacles and probably most importantly learning from failing. Therefore, this won’t be the last Beelieve Tech site redesign and is the first of many to come.

Keep on being beautiful my friends.

- John Dunbar