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You might not have heard about Desmond Meade, but his story is worth a read as it’s a good one. The short is Desmond overcame massive obstacles to get to where he is today as founder and president of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition (FRRC).

Desmond is currently guiding a citizen’s initiative to restore the ability to vote to returning citizens in Florida.

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  • A way to explain their cause
  • A way to spread their petition
  • A news & media section
  • A responsive & mobile friendly design

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Beelieve Tech LLC

Creating a website for our non-profit was extremely challenging because of our lack of expertise and budgetary constraints. Beelieve Tech provided the web expertise to assist in establishing controls, streamline processes and assist with making the year-end audit run smoothly. Even more impressive is that they quickly understood our operational and organizational needs –Beelieve Tech both, recommended and implemented design and content concepts in areas that added value to our organizational vision. Beelieve Tech has been a great asset to Florida Rights Restoration Coalition as we sought to create an online presence. They have provided expert advice on website development, graphics, and content, and have provided real insight on how to maximize our ability to connect with our target audience, and grow our brand as an organization. They are a pleasure to work with and are always accommodating. I would strongly recommend Beelieve Tech because they possess a unique blend of professionalism, expertise, and a service oriented commitment to their customers.