Our Values

Beelieve Tech LLC

officially began business on January 1st, 2017. We specialize in web development and design
we can do a bit of anything from logo design to custom business cards
make sure to contact us, we don't sting I promise.

Always put people first.
Treat others like family and they will treat you back the same.
Your words should always follow suit to your actions.
Find success by being truly committed to what you do.
The perfect amount of meaningful is what we strive for.
Be happy in all that you do and show it in the love for your work.

Our Team

Meet Our Hard Working Hive

Daniel Proebsting - Founder/Project Director

His specialty is in Front End Web & Mobile Application Design. He is great at assisting customers, creating eye-capturing assets for social media, websites, print, prototypes design, brochure, and marketing material. He finds satisfaction working in a team motivated environment. He is great at fixing things, whether it is a computer, a car, or a simple electronic.

Daniel is a family man who loves spending time with his son. A former Marine, who loves his country, loves to travel to new places, and is truly passionate about many things...

-especially customer satisfaction!

Daniel Proebsting

John Dunbar - Founder/Creative Director

A passion for creativity pushes John to think outside the box and deliver next level design for the client. He oversees the entire design process from mocking up blueprints to deploying the final project and is always willing to help along the way.

John takes pride in his craftsmanship and loves seeing his work come to life on the web and in person. A creator at heart he thoroughly enjoys the creative process.

John Dunbar